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Refund policy

Need pay by two steps, first pay for the items fee, second pay for the international delivery fee

Because we are a taobao agency, not a seller or a manufacturer, we cannot accept returns of an item unless you have received an incorrect or damaged product. If there is something wrong, please contact us.

How to refund

On these situations we can make a refund

  • a. You didn't receive the items or the items you ordered are not in your package.
  • b. You cancel the order before we buy.
  • c. We already bought your order but you want to cancel, this situation need you pay the domestic shipping fee the seller deliver to us and we deliver to the seller.
  • d. The items you ordered out of stock.
  • e. The discount of the seller but our system didn't calculate it or other over paid money.

On these situations we won't refund

  • a. You don't want the order you made but we already bought your order and get your order over 7days after we received, we will not refund
  • b. The customs problem we informed you but you still insist the risk shipping method, we won't refund.
  • c.The seller don’t support refund after we receive your order

  • d.The parcels lost and the post office dont  give the refund to us we wont refund
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