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Payment received

Need pay by two steps, first pay for the items fee, second pay for the international delivery fee

Item fee: (price+domestic shipping fee) *1.1(we receive 10% service fee)/6.0(the rate is 6.0)

What is your hanlding fee

Basically speaking, the handling fee is according to the purchasing price of the item. Deatails as below:

Our Taobao Agent Service Fee = 10% item price*, minimum service fee: 1usd(surcharge single url price less than 10usd will receive 1usd surcharge

*item price includes domestic delivery.


 The lowest handling fee is $1

Now zarmark taking promotion just charge 10% service fee and no minimum service fee.

We have our own member vip system.

When to pay international delivery fee

When we get your items we will weigh them and update your order status you can see the information of your order then you get the weight, you can choose the shipping method and calculate the international delivery fee in our website.

After that you can finish your second payment, then we will ship out your items

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